New Feature Alert: Hashtag Following

Okay guys, so we’ve talked a lot about hashtags, and if you’ve ever set foot near Instagram or Twitter, you know they can play a big role in your content. Not to mention, we also use them in our service. As of today, Instagram has changed the hashtag game. They’ve rolled out the newest feature that will launch hashtags to an all new level: hashtag following! 

Why should we care? Let’s take a look.

What can this do for us? As hashtag targeting can be key to lock in your audience or demographic, this new feature will allow accounts to become more visible to key target groups. This means that through using hashtags, you will create more opportunity for your content to be seen by interested and focused audience groups. This could expand to even more marketing and ad targeting in the future. This following feature has been in tests, but it officially rolls out to users today.

So! How can we use this? To follow hashtags:

You can follow hashtags from the search page. Once you click on the hashtag, it will pop up with this notice, if it’s your first time :


Then, you will see a follow button


This is great for us as page managers because we are now linked to a community of like-minded people who are using their content for exposition in similar ways as ourselves. No matter what your industry– fitness, apparel, modelling, influencing, photography, music, and so on– you now have a network to view the current trends, what’s doing well out there, how other brands are marketing themselves, which gives great awareness into the needs and demands of the audience, as well as how we should be shaping our content. Of course that isn’t to say we need to match the rest of the people using that hashtag, but being conscious of those folks in your market is never a bad thing.

How does IG select the content to be shown? 
This comes down to a combination of content quality, and recently posted, based on algorithms. We also recommend Powerlikes to help give your posts a boost to be put in the top posts section as well as explore page. This is to say that just because you use select hashtags, doesn’t necessarily mean your post will be shown; however, if you have great content, odds are you could be featured here. There are various test groups and admin monitors that Instagram has to flag and separate content, so of course that is only going to get stronger as this whole thing develops.

Good luck, and happy hashtagging!